Forever King


The following post is written by Zachary Kale, one of the songwriters of “Forever King” and worship pastor of our Sugarloaf Campus.



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I’m not a stranger to death, to disease, to heartache, to stress, to anxiety, to fear, or to weakness. For almost 2 decades I’ve stood on the stage leading worship and sat on couches listening to heartbreak and I’ve found that neither are the people of God.

As Andy Cherry and myself penned the lyrics and melody to “Forever King,” we only had one focus in mind:

  • that the weak would see Jesus as their strength
  • that the heartbroken would declare that He is their restoration
  • that the sick would believe He is their healer
  • that the lost would know they are found
  • that all within the Church would have power to live because of the work Jesus did on the cross and through the power of His resurrection

He is forever King and we will spend all of eternity telling Him.


If you’d like to listen to more of Zach’s music, check out his album, “One”, on iTunes.


  1. Our first time hearing this worship song and I loved it.

  2. Heard it the first time at Church this past Sunday and loved it so much I had to listen again.

  3. My sister & I just visited 12 Stone & heard this for the first time on Sat nite….AWESOMELY POWERFUL!!! ;0) Thank you for teaching it….May God INFINATELY BLESS your ministry & your PRECIOSA wife Shelly as well….Got to meet her too!!! ;0) We will be praying for you both….Keep up the GREAT WORK !!! In the AMOR of our “Forever King” xoxoxo~mi

  4. I miss hearing you sing this at FHC…thank you for posting this Zach!


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